Five Top Trending Hairstyles from Social Media

Looking for something new to do with your hair? Then you might want to take a look at these top five styles that are trending on social media. Fairly low-maintenance styles are in right now, for both classy and casual looks. Below are five of the best social media trendy dos to try right now.  

  1. Twee Hair

Twee hair is taking social media by storm at the moment. Twee hair is a very natural-looking style characterized by chunky bangs that reach just above the eyes and long layers. It’s no wonder it’s taking off, since 65.5% of All Things Hair readers polled said they preferred natural hairstyles as their go-to, everyday styles.

Twee hair is a style that takes minimal effort, since it’s a very brush-and-go style after you get the initial haircut. You just need basic hair styling (shampoo/conditioner/brushing) to keep the hair looking healthy and stylish.

  1. High Ponytail with a Sleek Front

Another style that’s trending on social media at the moment is the high ponytail with very sleek hair at the front. The ponytail itself is very bushy. You can get this look with a basic style cream or gel to sleek the front of the hair. A volumizing product is optional on the length of the ponytail, depending on how much volume you want to or need to add. It’s a great look to show off natural curls at the back, for those who have them. 

  1. Natural Hair

Natural hair is actually trending on social media right now. This is where you keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful with basic maintenance practices like using a good shampoo and conditioner. Then you brush in the morning and spend the day showing the world your hair’s natural beauty. Hair is already so gorgeous on its own, why mess with perfection?

  1. Long Lock Volume

Another very attractive look sweeping social media is the volume look. This is a style that requires adding volume to long locks. There are many different ways to boost volume in hair, from adding extensions to using hot rollers to simply adding a volume-building shampoo. There are also volumizing hair irons on the market, but make sure to use a heat protectant on your hair before using heat tools to achieve volume.        

  1. The Rachel is Back

Every so often, The Rachel makes the rounds again, and 2022 looks like another one of its years. This is the iconic style sported by Rachel on the hit 90s sitcom “Friends.” It’s no wonder this style seems to make a comeback every now and then: the layered look in about shoulder-length hair is a seriously classy style. The style requires a haircut to get those layers. To style it, you may need to add rollers to curl the layers inwards slightly. Some people also blow dry hair over a rounded barrel brush, while curling the hair inward. Opting for longer layers can also give this look a modern twist.         

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