5 Casual Essentials for Every Man’s Wardrobe

Just because you are taking an off day doesn’t mean that your sense of style should take a back seat. Therefore, learning to style yourself casually and fashionably is something you should master.

It is time to level up if you have been known to rock the same old cargo shorts or sweats. Having a polished casual look isn’t difficult. All you need are essentials that go with other pieces in your closet. Here are some essential pieces that will help transform your look without compromising your comfort.

  1. Casual footwear

A great shoe makes the entire outfit cohesive. Fortunately, the sneaker market has grown astoundingly over the years, and high-quality sneakers are released more frequently. If you want long-lasting sneakers, opt for luxury sneakers. The classic white sneaker will virtually work for any style.

Apart from sneakers, you have other great casual options, especially for a smarter look. Boat shoes, loafers, and desert boots are just some of the alternatives.

You could even style your outfit with a quality pair of leather derby shoes from Balenciaga shoes for men to attend a casual business meeting.

  1. Casual shirts

Casual shirts are essential for a sharper weekend look and can be either short- or long-sleeved. Unbutton the top buttons and roll up the cuffs for a relaxed look. Since you want your shirts to go with other pieces in your casual wardrobe, buy them in essential colours.

A white or light blue classic shirt is a great foundation. Also, ensure that your shirt’s collars look good both when fully buttoned and when partly unbuttoned.

  1. Casual knitwear

Casual knitwear is a great way to spice things up from time to time. They are easy to throw on and, at the same time, very stylish making them an essential in every man’s closet.

Wear your knit as outerwear or under a lightweight jacket during colder days. Choose a cut that goes well with your t-shirts and shirts to have more styling combination options.

  1. Chinos

Chinos are excellent for an elevated casual look; hence you can add them into the mix from time to time. Just swapping your jeans for chinos will give you a completely different look. You want to invest in cuts that best suit your frame when purchasing chinos. Get them in navy, khaki, and beige because these colours are easy to match with other pieces.

Chinos are stylish and comfortable. You can wear them to occasions where the dress code is ambiguous such as casual business meetings and sporting events.

  1. Denim jeans

These have been the backbone of casual dressing since the ‘50s. You can effortlessly dress your pair of jeans up or down. If you want to appear polished, go with a quality dark wash pair in the straight-leg style.

Alternatively, look for a cut in a lighter pair for an off-duty, laid-back look. Whatever your style preference, denim is a safe go-to option that can be styled in several different ways.


Your casual style doesn’t have to be bland. These five essentials form an excellent foundation for your weekend wardrobe. With time you can add more pieces and experiment with different accessories such as hats.

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