The Guide to Comfortable High Heels

Whenever I think of high heels and the pain they cause, I think of that scene from She’s the Man. The main character is talking on the phone with her mom about how hard it is to walk in them. I’m sure many other people out there share the same sentiment. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. There are ways to ensure a more comfortable high heel experience.

Try a Broader Heel

One way to find comfortable high heels is to look for broader heels. A wider pair of heels would be ideal for a working environment since you will likely be on your feet most of the time. Examples of such heels would include:

  • Wedges: Wedge heels are known for comfort and a casual look. A lot of women choose wedge heels for everyday events.
  • Spool Heels: Spool heels are wide at the top and bottom and are narrower in the middle. They resemble the shape of a cotton spool or hourglass.
  • Stacked Heels: Stacked heels are made by stacking layers of wood or leather to give a striping effect. Most associate them with western style boots.
  • Chunky Heels: Chunky heels, also known as “block heels,” are more commonly considered as the heel shape that offers the most comfort. They look the best with a casual outfit.

Keep the Size of the Heel Down and Consider the Pitch

The size of your heel is the main factor in making you uncomfortable. To combat the discomfort, wear heels no bigger than 3 inches. If that’s too small a heel for you, consider the pitch.

According to experts, pitch is the first thing to know about high heel shoes. Pitch is defined as the difference between the height of the heel to the sole. Keep the pitch in mind, and you will be much more comfortable.

Another good alternative to consider if you want more height is the platform heel. Platform heels give you more height without adding extra height to the heels. These comfortable high heels also fair better with more casual outfits.

Ditch the Pointy Toes

Yes, pointy-toe shoes are adorable, but they could be murdering your toes. Pointy-toe shoes scrunch your toes together in there. It’s not a good lock. Instead, opt for an almond-shaped toe or round toe.

Some people may avoid high heels altogether due to discomfort. However, some events make them unavoidable, such as weddings. If you have a classy event coming up, at least you can be both stylish and comfortable.

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