5 Outfits You Can Wear With a Tote Bag

Fashion trends keep on changing. From the trend of bags to clothing, you keep seeing new stuff added. The tote bags are the new trendsetters. Tote bags are considered more comfortable and easy to carry. You must have noticed around yourself that a huge segment of women started preferring tote bags over carrying some other kind of bags.

With the increase in demand, a wide range of cool tote bags have been launched. Nowadays you can see a massive variety of totes available in the market, in respect of material, color, look, shape, purposes, etc. Women of all ages are choosing totes over other bags for daily use due to their level of comfort. Carrying totes is considered trendy but sometimes it becomes tricky to pair totes with the correct outfit. Knowing what to wear it with is necessary to improve your style statement. So here are some ideas of outfits you can consider wearing with your tote bag.

Outfits You Can Wear With a Tote Bag

Make it stylish with a shirt and cardigan

To match up with the ongoing trend you can pair your tote bag with a pretty white shirt, a comfy beige cardigan, and denim jeans. This combination will add a vibrant vibe to your personality and overall look. It also goes perfectly well with the winter season as it can help keep you warm.

Style it up with a t-shirt and maxi skirt

When you carry a cute looking tote bag with a cool t-shirt along with a maxi skirt it gives you a chic look. If you half-tuck the t-shirt in the skirt it gives you a more edgy look. You can opt for this combination for your beach vacations. This will significantly upgrade your look to a greater level.

Rock your style with sweatshirt and denim shorts

Carrying oversized totes is in trend now. Celebrities are also preferring sweatshirts and denim shorts for their daily outfit. This gives you a casual and comfortable look and adding a cool tote bag enhances the comfort and funky look all together.

Partner your bag with your lunch date outfit

You can carry a cute small or oversize tote along with you when you are out for your lunch date. Showing beauty with personality is a small task when you very well carry yourself with a good outfit and pair it with an appropriate bag.

Look chic with a plain long dress

Your outfit is usually what people first look at when you arrive at a gathering or when you just pass by. That is why it’s important to always look your best even if you’re just going to the grocery store. For a hassle-free and elegant look, you can wear a beautiful plain long dress along with a neutral colored or printed tote bag. You can flaunt this look when going to casual get togethers, when you go shopping, or just wandering around the city skirts.


You can carry yourself adequately by upgrading your fashion skills. You can pair your totes well with every single outfit you wear as long as it’s well planned out. But what’s more important is to be confident and comfortable in what you wear. Don’t let what others think affect your decision on what outfit looks good on you.

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