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As we are pointing at children’s clothes, we must be clear with the truth that they grow in stages. We often divide children into three broad compartments according to their age. They generally follow the same growth and body needs in the same category. That’s what we called their, age circle. It helps designers to shape fabric and decide a measure of cloth. However, this division can also help parents to pick up an appropriate size of dress according to it. That will further, allow their kid to move freely and enjoy his environment. Children’s clothing needs can be categorized into –

  1. Infant

Children below two years of age come into this category. They crawl and always try their best to reach out to different things placed in the house. Broadly their clothes come in sizes of 3,6,12,18 and 24 months. One of the significant things of this age group is their weak neck and back. So, while choosing the dress you should always choose a wide neck opening. Whereas, contemplating other factors like fabric and design also make a difference. According to the season you choose thick or thin fabric but they constantly must be easy and relaxed.

  1. Toddlers

As your kid grows up, his body weight and size accordingly get changed. Toddlers are those, who are from two to eight years of age. Physiologically, if we notice- they often lose their body weight due to increased metabolism. They now get engaged in more physical activity and outdoor games. So the size is a very important factor while buying clothes for toddlers because this is the rapid growth range of kids.

  1. Young children

Children above seven years of age are considered to be young children. At this age, they become quite aware of fashion and keep changing their outfit more frequently. Cloth manufacturers all around the world understand the cycle and bring up more and more vibrant styles. Variable colors, distinct combinations, and delinquent trends continue to rule the market.

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