What are the current trends for men’s wardrobe?

To look stylish and in full accordance with the environment is a task that can be easily solved if there are basic things in the wardrobe that match each other in colors and materials. The main thing is for a man to feel comfortable and confident in his image.

Let’s talk about what things are needed to create relevant images for any occasion:

Cotton trousers. It is impossible to imagine a wardrobe for spring and summer without this element. As a must-have, let’s call a sandy shade of beige; from other possible options, it is worth mentioning gray, blue and other pastel colors. These trousers are perfectly combined with various top items. They can be complemented with a regular shirt, polo shirt, cardigan or pullover.

Jeans. Having firmly settled in the wardrobe of every person, they have long been recognized as a universal piece of men’s trendy clothing around which you can build any image, from classics to underground. For a basic wardrobe, jeans with a classic cut and uniform color are needed.

Shorts. Several pairs of different colors, made of cotton and denim, will allow you to collect fashionable bows for walking and relaxation. It is better to refuse a large cage when choosing men’s camouflage shorts; such a pattern is more often used for home clothes and underwear.

T-shirts. People having beautiful biceps should not hide them from others, so when creating a summer look, they should give preference to T-shirts. T-shirts are unisex, which is present in every person’s wardrobe.

There are a lot of options for their use and combination, from models with background monochrome prints for combination with trousers and a jacket decorated with multi-color drawings and provocative inscriptions for going out to a nightclub.

Shirt. It is used as an obligatory addition to a suit and as an independent element of a stylish look. Monochromatic, with a barely noticeable check, stripe or speckles, or bright, with a floral and geometric pattern – you can choose the right option for any occasion.

Costume. As an option for every day, a combination of straight, slightly cropped trousers and a fitted jacket is suitable. Such a casual look is complemented by moccasins on bare feet.

For travel, vacation, relaxation, you can allow a looser fit in combination with sneakers. A shirt is not the only option for a long time: T-shirts, turtlenecks and jumpers are worn with a suit.

Blazer. One of the must-have items in the wardrobe of a smart casual man. It can be made of printed or plaid fabric, which makes the jacket a real star of the wardrobe. Solid trousers, jeans and even shorts, as well as a matching T-shirt and comfortable semi-sports shoes, will complete the look.

Jumper. An indispensable attribute of a stylish men’s wardrobe should be made of high quality thin jersey. Solid color options go well with a classic suit; for walking, you can choose models with prints and bright accents.

A pullover differs from a jumper by the presence of a V-shaped cut; this type of men’s trendy clothing can be successfully combined with shirts or T-shirts in contrasting colors.

Сasual attributes. If there is no need to adhere to a strict dress code, you can put unusual cut jeans, cargo pants, men’s camouflage shorts, sweatshirts and other items of clothing that are not classics at the basis of a stylish look. The main thing is that they are combined with each other and work to create a holistic appearance.

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