How to Style Cowboy Boots for Summer 2021

Did you know that the cowboy boot has made a comeback in fashion? These classic boots have been around for ages as a Western workwear staple. But now, even urban cowgirls can incorporate them into everyday outfits.

Do you want to try out a pair but aren’t sure how to wear them? Cowboy boots are one of the top fashion trends of 2021 and are a fun and functional addition to any wardrobe. Read here on how to style cowboy boots to get ready for this summer!

A Brief History of Cowboy Boots

While the exact origins of the cowboy boot remain a mystery, they were most likely born in the Wild West of the USA not long after the Civil War ended. Ranchers and riders alike needed a durable boot that was fit for long hours in the saddle and walks in the prickly desert terrain. The cowboy boot was crafted and then found its way into mainstream culture around the 20th century when movie stars and regular folks started wearing them in an urban environment.

Ways to Style Cowboy Boots

Whether your style is classic, edgy, romantic, retro, preppy, or otherwise, cowboy boots can complete pretty much any women’s outfits you throw at them. But if you’re a boot newbie or just need some outfit inspo, check out these pairings below.

Matching Blouse and Shorts Co-ord Set

If you want to dive off the deep end into a top trend, look no further than the matching blouse and shorts co-ord set. This two-piece number is the perfect partner to do the two-step in your favorite cowboy boots. A word of advice: if you’re going with a printed set, make sure your boots are solid, or vice versa to avoid clothing chaos.


One of the most romantic pairings you can choose for a summer outfit with your boots is an airy sundress. Whether you go full-on floral or pair your kicks with a simple white shift dress, cowboy boots will keep you looking cute while being comfy.

Denim Shorts

Denim short and boots is a combo that has been around for decades. But if you choose to rock this look, it’s important that you don’t look like you’ve gone Daisy Duke. Instead, make it modern by pairing your shorts and boots with a tee and a blazer.


Another trend that has taken over spring fashion (again!) is the jumpsuit. This one-and-done outfit is easy to throw on with a pair of cowboy boots. On breezy evenings, top it off with a denim jacket for a classic look.


If you like jumpsuits, don’t forget to check out their cute little cousin, the romper. Rompers are the shorter “shorts” version of the jumpsuit and offer the same outfit ease. They are a great alternative to jumpsuits when the temperatures start to rise.


Is there anything more essential than an LBD or “little black dress”? Chances are, you’ve got one of these versatile wardrobe staples in your closet. And you guessed it–that is also an awesome match for boots.

Formal Fashion

Got a fancy outdoor shindig this season? Don’t let formal wear deter you from showcasing some cowboy boot style. If you have gold, silver, or other metallic boots, you can pair them with your gown.

Maxi Skirt

Get out your favorite crop top, swingy maxi skirt, and boots. This is a winning look that goes from a day a the beach to BBQs with ease. Just make sure your skirt is not too long–for optimum style, a few inches of the boot should show.

Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are back with a vengeance and are a natural fit for cowboy boots. Whether you choose a mini or midi length, you can pair yours with a peasant blouse and boots for a dreamy ensemble. Skip the fringed versions to avoid looking like a rodeo queen.


One of the most popular trends du jour on the festival circuit is leggings, cowboy boots, and a folksy top. Whether you’re going to Coachella or a local gig, leggings are a lightweight alternative to jeans. You can also top your leggings with a slip dress, which is another item that has recently made a fashionable comeback.


On to the most obvious match: jeans! Cowboy boots were meant to be worn with this denim staple. Keep your look current by choosing distressed jeans, white denim, and/or ones in a modern silhouette.

What To Avoid

If you want to avoid looking like you’ve stepped right off the farm, here are a few things to avoid. Unless you are actually spending a day on the ranch, skip the matching cowboy hat—ditto for other western wear items like denim shirts and overalls.

Cowboy Boot Fit Tips

Buying a pair of cowboy boots isn’t like grabbing a pair of flip-flops off the rack. The fit and sizing run a little different than regular shoes, so take that into consideration. Before purchasing your cowboy boots, make sure you check out a sizing chart for more info.

Wear Your Cowboy Boots With Confidence!

Now that you’ve learned what to pair with boots, you can style cowboy boots with confidence. Whether you go for a romantic look with a flowy summer dress or dress them down with denim shorts, one thing is for sure. Cowboy boots for women are a versatile style staple that can be worn year-round.

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