Eyelash Extensions: How to Get Longer, Fuller Eyelashes.

Google searches for the phrase “eyelash extensions” have grown by 26% since last year, reaching almost one million every month! It’s no surprise that more and more people want the natural, feminine look that fuller eyelashes provide.

Eyelash extensions are easy to do at home and can provide over a month of fuller and longer eyelashes. They leave you looking effortlessly beautiful, sort of like semi-permanent mascara!

If you’ve ever wanted eyelash extensions, but aren’t sure where to start or if you can even do it yourself, read on! This brief guide has you covered!

What Is an Eyelash Extension?         

You might have used glue-on eyelashes before, either for a party or to complete your makeup look. If you haven’t personally used them, I’m sure you’re familiar with the temporary stick-on lash kits.

Eyelash extensions are a more professional, longer-lasting, and more refined version of glue-on eyelashes. You’ll use lash extension glue, which is very strong and unable to be seen. With the glue, you’ll attach thin strands of lashes to your eye.

When compared to glue-on lashes, eyelash extension glue is much stronger and better quality and the lashes are smaller and finer. This makes them look natural and allows them to boost your natural features instead of overwhelming them.

The process can take anywhere between 1.5 to 4 hours. Lash extensions can last for about 4 to 6 weeks. After that, they’ll fall out with your eyelashes’ natural growth cycle.


How Do You Do Get Fuller Eyelashes at Home?

Many salons offer eyelash extensions as a service, but you can actually do them yourself at home and save money and time. Giving yourself longer eyelashes is a form of self-care, and can actually be very fun!

It takes a steady hand and a bit of patience, especially at the beginning, but the more you practice the better you’ll get.

Your supplies will often come with a set of instructions but the general process is always very similar.

First, you’ll place a few drops of the glue onto a piece of foil.

Then with a pair of tweezers, you’ll grab a lash extension. A lash extension is generally 3 lash hairs together, with one root. You’ll dip the root in the glue, and gently place the extension right on top of your eyelash.

It’s important to note that you apply the extension to the base of the eyelashes, not the eyelid.

Repeat the process down the length of your eyelashes, to complete the set! Take care of your lashes gently to maintain long-lasting results.

The process to improve eyelashes at home takes time and practice, but with a bit of persistence, you can achieve beautiful eyelashes at home in record time.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Beautiful Eyelashes!

Hopefully, this article will have given you a good starting point for getting fuller eyelashes at home. The process itself is not very complicated, and can save you a lot of mascara! Furthermore, doing your eyelashes at home saves you money at the salon!

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