5 Ways to Maintain Static-free Hairstyle During Winter

One thing that no winter can go without (no it is not Christmas) is  crazy, static, frizzy hair caused by imbalance of too many negative or positive charges in your hair. Let’s add dry, cold weather to that and you get coarse, tangled, dull looking hair and that is not what you were going for. So here are 5 easy ways to fight the static electricity and prevent locks from standing up like crazy using natural professional hair products

  • Moisturizing products

When winter comes make sure to pack on moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that will deeply nourish strands from inside out. Dry, cold weather can strip away more natural moisture than usual so it is important to use hydrating products to protect them from brittleness. 

  • Lightweight oil

To reduce frizz, hydrate and nourish hair while maintaining natural shine and volume apply lightweight oil while your locks are still damp. This way the hair shaft will absorb a lot of moisture that is extremely needed during winter. Do not overload the product, otherwise hair can look greasy and lay flat. 

  • Ionic blow dryer

Give yourself an early Christmas gift and switch to an ionic blow dryer that emits negative ions to help hair dry faster without damaging heat and prevent static effects. Unlike when using a regular blow dryer, avoid pre-drying and start styling while hair maintains a lot of moisture it will keep hair more smooth and soft. 

  • Finishing Cream

To prevent static, apply finishing cream which will not only give you smooth finish but also help to improve manageability and provide additional protection from environmental factors. Take a small amount of product and concentrate on the mid length to hair ends. Massage it into your strands and distribute evenly, then style as usual and enjoy static-free hairstyle. 

  • Hair spray 

This is a great option to tame frizz and static while locking in your preferred hairstyle. During winter look for a lightweight conditioning hair spray option that will give you fixation, volume and flexibility but will not leave hair sticky or dry.

It is important to lock in hydration inside your locks during a cold season and take advantage of styling and finishing products. But keep in mind that all products must work in moderation to not weight down the natural volume and avoid greasy looking hair. Enjoy a beautiful winter without any need to worry about crazy standing hair on top of your head by trying out these tricks of a static-free hairstyle. Share your perfect holiday hairstyle with us @tlabprof_official! 

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